The performance is by definition a short-lived art which stages the body, the time and the space.
The art performance establishes maybe one of the most former artistic forms of the humanity.

The naming performance artist as well as the performance artistic as we understand it nowadays, 
was introduced by the Japanese group “ GUTAÏ “ in 1954 on paintings of big sizes, torn, thrown, launched, cut, burned...

It’s certainly
Yves Klein (1928 - 1962) who, at the conclusion of his journey in Japan (1955),
will introduce by its gestures and actions, the performance in France.


In 21th century, the painter performance artist stages during public or private events.
He realizes then at very short time (some minutes only) a work very often short-lived:
stars’ portrait, animal silhouette, architectural element, landscape, logo...

In front of a public always amazed in front of the final result, the performance is accompanied
of a very rhythmical music which maintain the suspense, draw the attention on the realization of the work,
and completes the intervention of the painter performance artist.

The EriK Black Painting performances

EriK develops his style and his technics to propose originality and a unique show.
He’s inspired of the artist Robert Malaval (1937 – 1980) to offert spectacular realizations.
Always in search of originalities, EriK is happy to study and to adapt new concepts to give to his works of new dimensions.

Glue, glitter, paints, monochrome, two-color process, three-color process, mono-painting, multi-paintings, materials, music,
The 4 webs (An exclusivity of EriK) frescoes are some ingredients used for the creation of its short-lived or long-lasting performances.

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